Brightworks is honored to be a dealer for new Ruote Borrani products as well as the only authorized refurbisher of original products in the world. Every aspect of restoring a car correctly involves details and lots of them. Upon the acquisition of Precision Wire Wheel, we felt that it was imperative to restore all Ruote Borrani products in the way they were originally designed. Relationships were built with the factory which resulted in a trip to Milano, Italy. We worked with them, dined with them, and watched the start of the Mille Miglia. We soon found that our passion and desire for wire wheels to be correctly restored was the same which helped lead us to where we are now. This closeness with the factory enables us to have access to the original drawings and documents to ensure that each wheel is correctly inspected and restored. Backspacing of each wheel is very critical with many wheels only have a tolerance of +/- 2mm. It is highly possible that if anyone other than Brightworks or the factory restores a wheel, there can be fitment issues with the braking/steering system or body of the car due to improper backspacing. We can also help you in determining if the wheels you have are the correct ones for your car by accessing the factory database of information. All work is performed in house and each wheel is laced with new Ruote Borrani spokes. In some cases the splines in the centerpiece are worn which requires a new centerpiece. All wheels are re-stamped with authentically correct letters and numbers to ensure that the finished product is the same as it was the day it left the factory.

Photos courtesy of Borrani: