We know how important your brightwork is to you or your client. It is the final “brush stroke” to a timeless piece of art.  At Brightworks we take care to restore items that are nothing short of perfect and correct.  From the time the item arrives in our receiving room, to the time it is restored and packaged for shipping, we treat your components the same as the original artisan who created them.


At Brightworks, we’ll treat you like a part of our family.  You’ll be welcomed to call us, specify custom needs, or have us give special attention to something that concerns you.  If you’re looking for a partner to turn your car from “good”, to authentically correct and concours’ winning, you’ve come to the right place.  We do not do ANY production or industrial type plating.  Nor will we plate something that someone else has “prepped” unless it is first inspected and meets our standard of quality and authenticity.


We originated from a restoration shop that was founded by Dave Myers in 1984 and quickly became known as one of the premier “pre-war” Rolls-Royce and Bentley restorers. Dave saw the need for quality brightwork and the lack of shops producing it. This need caused Dave to start Brightworks in 1998 to supply the restoration shop with properly restored brightwork. Dave thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of restoring the brightwork so in 2001 he sold out of the restoration shop and focused entirely on Brightworks.  Brightworks has been a stand alone company starting in 2001.

Since then we have expanded from supplying one restoration shop to supplying many of the premier restoration shops and car owners around the world with restored brightwork. In 2004 Dave Myers sold Brightworks to the current owner, Ryan Filbrun.

Ryan first worked for Dave in 1989 at the restoration shop when he was 14 and developed a passion for working with vintage automobiles.

Our artisans have been involved in the restoration of vintage automobiles, and understand how brightwork needs to be restored.  We have over 150 years of combined restoration and metal finishing experience.   We understand which items will be needed first in the restoration of your project and complete them in that order.  For instance chassis items, door hardware, body side moldings, radiator shell assemblies, hood hinges, etc., and of course items like bumpers and wheel disks are last, unless you request differently.


Anything is possible!  We take care of all aspects of restoring your brightwork to a level that would make the original artisan proud, from bringing a part back into the correct shape and detail or creating a new one, to restoring the original engraving, to restoring cloisonné’ on an emblem.   We can restore items as small as nuts and bolts to “integral core” radiators.